Truth about penis enlargement

Having a penis that is smaller than men might desire can result in reduced self-esteem and even relationship problems. You constantly hear the question “does size matters?” and many people claim that it does not. In this case, why are there so many commercials for products that promote penis enlargement? The market is filled with male enhancement methods and products that offer more or less the penis enlargement desired. Because size matters, a professional team of specialists have developed the best male enhancement method: SizeGenetics.

How can SizeGenetics stimulate penis enlargement?

sizegenetics penis enlargementThere are many male enhancement options available: chemical pills, herbal supplements, patches, creams, oils, penile pumps, traction devices and even penile augmentation surgery. However, not all of these methods offer the penis enlargement desired, because some of them have effects only on the libido or on the sexual performances. In addition, they come with unwanted and negative side effects and they could cause irreparable damages to the male sexual organ.

SizeGenetics works by applying a constant force along the penis shaft, force that straightens and stretches the male sexual organ. This highly efficient traction device will enhance the blood circulation to this area, it will promote the healing of tissues and new cells development therefore it will stimulate penis enlargement. Because this medical device comes with 58 different ways to use it and due to fact it is very small and discreet, the patients can use it almost anywhere and anytime.

This potent traction device offers numerous benefits to the consumers. Because it enhances the blood flow, it eliminates the occasional episodes of premature ejaculation, it treats erectile dysfunction, enlarges penis length and girth, boosts the sex drive, offers longer lasting erections and raises the self-esteem of patients. Knowing that by wearing this device several hours per day for just a few months will lead to 2 extra inches in penis length and about 25% more in penis girth, it is obviously that SizeGenetics will also enhance the confidence of patients, intensify their pleasure and promote the health of reproductive system in men.

What penis enlargement options do you have?

Penis enlargement cannot be achieved by ingesting some chemical pills or herbal supplements. They might have an effect on the sexual performance and they can boost the desire for sex, but they cannot stimulate the penis enlargement desired. Plus, they can cause nausea, headaches, allergies and many other adverse effects that make these options come out of the question. Creams and oils can boost the libido and strengthen the erection, but they have to be removed from skin before intercourses and they can cause skin rash, irritations and other allergies. Patches have to be used for several months and, though the ingredients will not be altered by digestive system, it is very little evidence that they might work.

Penile pumps – or penis enlargement vacuum pumps – represent a risky method to get the male enhancement desired. This device can cause blood vessels damage and urethra injuries, it can curve the penis and men can end up with severe pain and more disadvantages than benefits. Penile augmentation surgery might offer to patients the penis enlargement that they want, but this option is as risky as penile pumps. It can cause irreparable damages, it might require additional surgery and the cost of this procedure is quite expensive. If you want the best for you, use the best penis enhancement option: SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics enhances penis length and girth, eliminates erectile dysfunction, intensify pleasure, strengthens the erection and boosts up the self-esteem of patients in a natural, safe and healthy way. If it is used as instructed, men will not experience any negative or unwanted side effects. If you consider enlarging your penis in a natural way, use the best male enhancement method. SizeGenetics will prove you that size truly matters and you will certainly enjoy the results of the treatment with this medical device.